Our salon philosophy is simple: 

                                                                                  ART + EXPERIENCE = BEAUTY

We are celebrating our 15-year anniversary in Columbia's premier Vista.  Our salon owner, Patti Walters, has used her national travels as a platform artist to visit many salons across the country in an effort to find the perfect balance of form and functionality for a color salon. Columbia's sets itself apart from others by receiving an abundance of natural light from Gervais Street.  The only artificial lighting used inside the salon is a Blue-based, Northern-mimicking natural light, which has proven to be the most important factor for any artist working with color. The walls behind each stylist station are white - as to never give a false hue of color tone.  Patti continues to research salon design and does not believe in always following the latest trends. Her dream was to create an environment that was housed with an exceptionally talented, friendly, and dedicated staff. We, at Columbia's, believe that authentic confidence in your ability as a stylist has no room for ego's.  Our staff truly cares and listens to the desires of each salon guest.